We're a non-partisan, non-profit, grassroots organization working to bring more representative elections to North Carolina by advocating for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).


There are problems with elections in NC.

Winning a primary requires only 30% of the votes. If no candidate earns 30%, we must return to the polls and pay for costly run-off elections. Winning a general election has NO required minimum! The most votes wins, even if well below 30%!


Plus, we often vote against our conscience, fearing a vote for our favorite candidate could advantage our least favorite.  We need a better system!


Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is the solution!

Also known as "Instant Runoff Voting", RCV is a simple upgrade that ensures winners earn true majority support.  Voters have the option of ranking candidates... easy as 1, 2, 3!  See how it works:


Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) has many benefits!

1.  It's easy to use!  We rank things all the time.

2.  It ensures true majority winners!  The will of the people prevails.

3.  It saves tax-payer money!  We avoid costly run-off elections.

4.  It gives voters more power!  Your preferences always count.

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Ranked Choice Voting is growing in popularity!

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11/14/2023 - Meredith College Presentation (Raleigh)



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To bring Ranked Choice Voting to North Carolina, we need to show our legislators that RCV has wide public support. 

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