Who We Are

Better Ballot North Carolina is a non-partisan, politically diverse, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating the North Carolina public about electoral reforms that increase the range of choice on the ballot and produce fairer outcomes. Better Ballot NC (BBNC) advocates for the expanded use of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), which allows voters to rank the candidates on the ballot in order of their preference. RCV would make North Carolina elections more competitive and fair by encouraging the participation of more candidates and parties, and by ensuring outcomes that more accurately reflect the will of the voters.

BBNC was founded in July 2020 by a small group of North Carolinians with diverse political affiliations, races, genders, ages, and geographic locations. We are united in the belief that Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a simple, positive election reform that gives voters more of a voice. 


Our Goals 

We advocate for the adoption of RCV at local, county, and state levels and work to educate North Carolina voters about RCV’s benefits. We invite the support of all citizens, whether they belong to a political party or are unaffiliated. We believe all voters will be empowered, and our democracy will be more effective, when voters are able to rank the candidates on the ballot in their order of preference, so their voice remains in the race until a true majority winner emerges with more than 50% of the vote.

The RCV movement has been growing stronger in states across the country, including North and South Carolina. Voters are seeing that RCV is easy, more representative, and more cost-effective, as it saves money for counties and states by eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming runoff elections. 

We envision a better future for North Carolina and believe that RCV will be a foundational step in that direction.