While Better Ballot NC does not provide endorsements, we gladly celebrate the following people and organizations for their efforts to advocate for ranked choice voting (not an exhaustive list):

Academy of Arts and Science (Independent research center)
Andrew Yang (Forward Party)
Arne Carlson (Republican, Former governor of Minnesota)
Barbara Lee (Democrat, California congresswoman)
Ben Shapiro (Conservative political pundit)
Bernie Sanders (Independent, Vermont senator)
Bill McKibben (Author)
Bill Weld (Republican, Former governor of Massachusetts)
Briahna Joy Gray (Political Analyst)
Carolina Forward (Independent, non-profit policy organization)
Chris Stirewalt (The Dispatch political editor)
Country First (Non-partisan, non-profit political organization)
Danielle Allen (Director of Harvard’s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics)
David Brooks (Conservative columnist)
David Byrne (Musician of The Talking Heads)
David Durenberger (Republican, Former senator from Minnesota)
David Jolly (Forward Party, Former Florida congressman)
Elizabeth Warren (Democrat, Massachusetts senator)
Forward Party of North Carolina (State-registered political party)
Gary Herbert (Republican, Former governor of Utah)
Hasan Minhaj (Television host and comedian)
Henry Olsen (Washington Post columnist)
Howie Hawkins (Green Party, 2020 presidential nominee)
Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party, 2020 presidential nominee)
Joe Manchin (Independent, West Virginia Senator)
John McCain (Republican, Former Arizona senator)
Jon Fishman (Musician of Phish)
Krist Novoselic (Musician of Nirvana)
Larry Diamond (Scholar)
Larry Lessig (Harvard law professor)
League of Women Voters (Non-partisan grassroots organization)
Libertarian Party of Wake County (State-registered political party)
Malcolm Gladwell (Author)
Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur)
Michael Porter (Harvard Business School professor)
New York Times Editorial Board (Media outlet)
Norm Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute)
Robert Reich (Former Secretary of Labor)
Saul Anuzis (Former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party)
Stan Lockhart (Former Chair of the Utah Republican Party)
......and more every day!


To bring Ranked Choice Voting to North Carolina, we need to show our legislators that RCV has wide public support.  

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