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4/27/2024 - Fayetteville Dogwood Festival

Better Ballot North Carolina was in attendance at the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival this past weekend. Spreading the good word about voting reform, attendees learned how ranked choice voting can bring more choice on ballots, a stronger voice for voters, campaigns with less mudslinging, and a winner who has earned true majority support. Learn about the many other benefits of RCV!


4/16/2024 - Durham County GOP Presentation

Better Ballot North Carolina presented to the Durham County GOP to advocate for ranked choice voting! We underscored how this voting reform can result in primary election winners with the greatest support and potential to win general elections. If you'd like us to explain to your organization how ranked choice voting can be a win for you, request a presentation!


3/09/2024 - "Flight for Democracy" Cider Social!

This past weekend we held a "Flight for Democracy" event at Bull City Ciderworks in Cary. Over the course of the busy night, patrons learned about the many benefits of ranked choice voting, enjoyed a featured flight of amazing ciders, and then rank voted for their favorite. This fun social event proved to be a success for all involved. If you'd like us to host such an event at your venue, contact us today!


2/23/2024 - ECU Adopts Ranked Choice Voting!

In exciting news, East Carolina University voted to adopt ranked choice voting for Student Government Association elections! The resolution was passed after speakers from Better Ballot NC had recently returned to help conduct an information session about RCV. Kudos to ECU for leading the way toward a better democracy! Wondering how RCV can help your organization? Request a presentation!


2/7/2024 - Country First Presentation

Better Ballot NC presented our strategy for obtaining ranked choice voting to the Country First Southern Region. The gathering, which included team members from NC to Florida to Texas, also outlined the efforts of similar RCV advocate organizations in Georgia and South Carolina. Members were excited to hear how RCV can make a difference in elections. Check out who else has endorsed ranked choice voting!


1/20/2024 - Asheville Regional Hub Meetup

Desire for a voting upgrade is brewing in the Asheville region where ranked choice voting advocates gathered to socialize and plan additional outreach activities for the new year. Momentum such as this is building in cities and regions all across the state. Want to start a new regional hub in YOUR town? Attend one of our Volunteer Onboarding Sessions or other online events to learn how!


1/7/2024 - Strategy Planning Session for 2024

BBNC leaders and volunteers from all across NC gathered in Durham to put together our organization's strategy plan for 2024. Those involved helped select key statewide events for canvassing, developed unique strategies for each of our regional hubs, as well as identified target municipalities for our legislative push. Get involved with BBNC and be a part of the many exciting things to happen this year!


12/17/2023 - "RCV & Beer" Social Events (Triangle region)

Our Triangle Regional Hub concluded its trio of "RCV & Beer" social events today. Held at various local business establishments around the area, ranked choice voting fans gathered to make new friends and chat about how to work together to bring their favorite voting process upgrade to North Carolina. Want to hold a similar social event in your area? Get involved with Better Ballot NC!


12/6/2023 - Common Cause NC Event (Winston-Salem)

Better Ballot NC was proud to be a guest speaker at Common Cause North Carolina's "Pints, Politics, and Voting Power" event in Winston-Salem. Attendees were excited to hear how ranked choice voting helps ensure every voter's preferences get heard and builds a better democracy for our state. If you'd like us to speak at your upcoming event, request a presentation today and we'd be happy to coordinate!


11/14/2023 - Meredith College Presentation (Raleigh)

Meredith College welcomed us for a presentation about how ranked choice voting decreases polarization and provides more voice to underrepresented voters and parties. Enthusiastic attendees were engaged both during and after as they learned how this better way of voting is increasing in popularity every day. Let's add North Carolina to the growing list of places around the country that use RCV!  


11/3/2023 - Launch of BBNC Merch Store

After months of preparation and just in time for the holiday shopping season, Better Ballot NC excitedly launched our brand new merch store! Featuring t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, bags, pins, water bottles, and bumper stickers, RCV fanatics like us can now proudly display our support for this better way of voting! Check out the many gift options within and help support our ongoing mission while supplies last!


10/25/2023 - "Did You Know?!?" Video Series

Today we published the 6th and final video of our viral series that shines a light on the many problems with our current voting system and how ranked choice voting can solve them. Promoted across our various social media platforms, the videos feature actual NC residents as they make the case toward a better way of voting. Watch the series and help share the videos with everyone in your social circles!


10/4/2023 - Presentation to Common Cause (Hillsborough)

Common Cause welcomed Better Ballot NC for a presentation in Hillsborough on ranked choice voting. Attendees in the packed event were engaged and captivated to hear how such a simple upgrade can improve democracy and ensure every voter's voice, vote, and preferences are heard. Attend one of our upcoming events to learn more and why they are so excited to bring RCV to NC!


9/29/2023 - BBNC attends the American Democracy Summit

Members of Better Ballot NC were in attendance at the American Democracy Summit in Los Angeles, CA. Celebrates such as Michael Douglas, Ed Helms, Ben Harper, Johnathan Scott, and Andrew Yang joined ranked choice advocates to celebrate recent wins around the country and discuss the strategy to improve democracy moving forward.  Become a part of this exciting national movement and get involved locally!


9/25/2023 - East Carolina University Student Government

Students at ECU sat down with Better Ballot North Carolina to discuss initiating ranked choice voting for their Student Government elections.  The word is spreading all across the state: Ranked Choice Voting can improve elections big or small and help ensure those elected to office have true majority support.  Want to learn how RCV can help your elections?  Request a presentation! 


9/19/2023 - Excitement at UNC Chapel Hill

Students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill enthusiastically hosted Better Ballot NC for a presentation about the workings and benefits of ranked choice voting.  Their excitement demonstrated just how much the momentum for our movement is building.  Join the thousands of other NC residents by adding your name and showing our state legislators that you're ready for a better way to vote!


9/1/2023 - Outreach at JWU Charlotte Involvement Fair

Members of our Charlotte regional hub visited the Involvement Fair at Johnson & Wales University and spoke with both students and faculty about volunteer opportunities with BBNC. Enthusiasm for ranked choice voting was high from soon-to-be first time voters as well as those disillusioned with NC's current voting system. Learn how you can get involved in our mission to improve voting in NC!


8/23/2023 - Presentation to Libertarian Party of Wake County

The Libertarian Party of Wake County gathered at a local brewery in Raleigh to hear Better Ballot NC speak about how ranked choice voting can eliminate vote-splitting and give more opportunities to third parties and their prospective voters. We're proud to have the Libertarian Party of Wake County among the many endorsers of ranked choice voting!


8/7/2023 - Summer 2023 Statewide Meeting

Ranked Choice Voting and Better Ballot North Carolina volunteers, supporters, and newbies from across the state gathered online to discuss our organization's recent successes, future plans, and opportunities to get involved in our mission to improve our state's voting process. Stay in the loop by following us on social media!


7/19/2023 - Presentation to 1 Million Cups Asheville

The passion and positivity was infectious among local entrepreneurs in Asheville as we presented to 1 Million Cups! Attendees were excited to hear how ranked choice voting can help bring a more fair and representative voting system to North Carolina. Learn how you can help spread the ranked choice voting gospel to your networks!


7/7/2023 - Presentation to the North Carolina Business Council

We partnered with FairVote and the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce to present to members of the North Carolina Business Council. The presentation highlighted how implementing ranked choice voting can bring majority-driven decisions that lead to more predictable and consistent business policy. If you'd like to us to speak to your organization about the benefits of RCV, contact us today!


6/24/2023 - Better Ballot NC OUTreach at Out! Raleigh Pride

Better Ballot NC showed our colors and proudly waved our "flag" at Out!, downtown Raleigh's annual Pride event. Our amazing outreach volunteers collected over 600 names to add to our list of ranked choice voting supporters! Learn how you can have fun and spread the word about voting reform by attending one of our upcoming events!


6/3/2023 - NBC News Coverage of Statewide Meeting (Charlotte)

Supporters came together both in person and online for our spring Statewide meeting, our first to have been held in the Charlotte area. The buzz leading up to the event attracted NBC News who covered it in a segment that also explained how ranked choice voting works. Show the NC Legislature that you want RCV, too, by adding your name to our ever-growing list of supporters!


5/7 - 5/10/2023 - Outreach at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival

For four fun-filled days, volunteers from across the state (and various BBNC teams) traveled to Pittsboro to say hi and share their enthusiasm about ranked choice voting with the many festival attendees. What's more fun than music, dance, food, drink, crafts, and joining forces to improve our democracy?! Become a volunteer with our organization and see how fun it can be to make a difference!


4/16/2023 - Newspaper features our Letter To The Editor

The Raleigh News & Observer's Opinion page included a letter to the editor written by members of Better Ballot NC's Legislative Strategy team.  Our letter called for a switch to Ranked Choice Voting to provide a more representative democracy for our state (among its other benefits).  Learn how you can help advocate for RCV by attending one of our outreach training events!


3/16/2023 - Presented to League of Women Voters

LWV Wake

Better Ballot North Carolina is proud to have been hosted by the League of Women Voters of Wake County. We discussed the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting and how it can help empower not only women, but all voters. If you'd like to learn more about our organization and/or how RCV can improve democracy in North Carolina, contact us to set up a speaking event!


3/4/2023 - ABC News coverage and 2022 Annual Report

Mar 4 Statewide

Our March 4th Statewide Meeting - held for the first time in Asheville - was covered by ABC News 13 (WLOS). Attendees discussed the many achievements highlighted in our recently published 2022 Annual Report. Notably, our organization exceeded our overall 2022 fundraising target by 30%. Make a donation toward our cause to help us achieve our goals in 2023!


2/6/2023 & 2/7/2023 - David Daley Events at ECU & Duke

Daley Events

Better Ballot NC partnered with FairVote to co-sponsor two presentations by author David Daley at East Carolina University (2/6) and Duke University (2/7) about how Ranked Choice Voting can improve our democracy. The event, which welcomed many members from the universities as well as the general public, brought many new supporters to our movement. Show your support for RCV by adding your name, too!


1/23/2023 - Ranked Choice Voting Day Celebration

RCV Day 2023

Better Ballot NC celebrated Ranked Choice Voting Day (1/23) with a well-attended Statewide Meeting. We celebrated our many successes in 2022, and discussed our big plans for 2023. Stay up to date on all the exciting happenings this year (and beyond) by following us on all our social media platforms, and then share the news!: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & LinkedIn.


1/07/2023 - Charlotte Regional Hub Formation

Charlotte Chapter Meeting

As part of Better Ballot NC's strategy to reach as many North Carolinians as possible, we formed our first of several planned regional hubs. Eager RCV volunteers from around the Piedmont gathered in Charlotte to discuss future outreach events in the area. Learn how you can join our growing team of volunteers by attending one of our upcoming Outreach Training events!


12/11/2022 - Goal Setting with Rank The Vote

Goal Setting Meeting

David Green, National Organizer from Rank The Vote, led a productive Goal Setting Meeting.  Passionate volunteers from all across the state worked together--both in person and online--to identify and fine-tune our strategies for success in 2023 and beyond.  Learn how you can get involved in our exciting endeavors to bring Ranked Choice Voting to NC!


11/14/2022 - US Senatorial candidates join our Statewide Meeting

Statewide Senatorial Candidates

We had record turnout at our second hybrid Statewide Meeting, featuring Shannon Bray and Matthew Hoh, recent US Senatorial candidates from NC. The non-partisan panel discussion highlighted how RCV might have improved our senate race, as well as democracy as a whole. Register now for other upcoming BBNC events so you don't miss out on any future happenings!


11/08/2022 - RCV wins in the midterms!

RCV midterm wins

RCV had huge wins this election cycle! Multiple municipalities voted to implement RCV across Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon. Voters in Nevada - like the voters in Alaska and Maine before them - have chosen to implement RCV statewide! With your support, we can carry that momentum into North Carolina, too!


10/15/2022 - Carrboro Farmers Market (Carrboro)

Carrboro Farmer's Market 10.15.22

Better Ballot NC is a regular at the Carrboro Farmers Market. Our Outreach teams had a fantastic time meeting folks and were also extremely productive.  The 73 supporters, six donors, and 17 new volunteers we added in just a few hours shows just how popular Ranked Choice Voting is becoming. Help us bring RCV to NC!  


10/12/2022 - Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival (Pittsboro)

Shakori 2022 1

Better Ballot NC spent four back-to-back days at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. Our Outreach team connected with North Carolinians to educate them about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting and to add their names to our ever-growing list of supporters! Learn how you, too, can get involved with BBNC!  


9/29/2022 - First-ever hybrid Statewide Meeting (Durham)


Better Ballot NC celebrated its two-year anniversary with our first-ever hybrid Statewide Meeting held both online via Zoom as well as in person at the Durham County South Regional Public Library. Over 30 people (both current and new) were in attendance and excited to learn about RCV, BBNC's recent successes, and our upcoming initiatives. Attend one of our upcoming events and meet some of the team!  


8/19/2022 - Alaska uses RCV in primary election


Voters in Alaska got to live our dream this week as they used Ranked Choice Voting in their 2022 special election.  As expected, the election was a massive success as it resulted in a winner who earned true majority support (>50%). Congrats to Alaska for helping champion the cause and add their state to the growing list of places around the country now using RCV.  


6/16/2022 - BBNC is now on YouTube!

Today, Better Ballot NC proudly debuted its own YouTube channel! Our premiere video features actual RCV supporters sharing why they help sustain our efforts with their recurring monthly donations. We're already planning our next video project, so be sure to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you don't miss out!


06/04/2022 - Charlotte Farmers Market (Charlotte)

Charlotte Farmer's Market

Nothing says summer like visiting the Farmers Market in Charlotte. And nothing is more fun than meeting so many smiling faces as we educate them on the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. It's easy to add supporters when what we advocate for is better not just for voters, but also candidates, parties, and democracy as a whole. Learn more about how Ranked Choice Voting is a better way to vote!


To bring Ranked Choice Voting to North Carolina, we need to show our legislators that RCV has wide public support.  

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