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11/14/2022 - US Senatorial candidates join our Statewide Meeting

Statewide Senatorial Candidates

We had record turnout at our second hybrid Statewide Meeting, featuring Shannon Bray and Matthew Hoh, recent US Senatorial candidates from NC. The non-partisan panel discussion highlighted how RCV might have improved our senate race, as well as democracy as a whole. Register now for other upcoming BBNC events so you don't miss out on any future happenings!


11/08/2022 - RCV wins in the midterms!

RCV midterm wins

RCV had huge wins this election cycle! Multiple municipalities voted to implement RCV across Colorado, Illinois, and Oregon. Voters in Nevada - like the voters in Alaska and Maine before them - have chosen to implement RCV statewide! With your support, we can carry that momentum into North Carolina, too!


10/15/2022 - Carrboro Farmers Market (Carrboro)

Carrboro Farmer's Market 10.15.22

Better Ballot NC is a regular at the Carrboro Farmers Market. Our Outreach teams had a fantastic time meeting folks and were also extremely productive.  The 73 supporters, six donors, and 17 new volunteers we added in just a few hours shows just how popular Ranked Choice Voting is becoming. Help us bring RCV to NC!  


10/12/2022 - Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival (Pittsboro)

Shakori 2022 1

Better Ballot NC spent four back-to-back days at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. Our Outreach team connected with North Carolinians to educate them about the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting and to add their names to our ever-growing list of supporters! Learn how you, too, can get involved with BBNC!  


9/29/2022 - First-ever hybrid Statewide Meeting (Durham)


Better Ballot NC celebrated its two-year anniversary with our first-ever hybrid Statewide Meeting held both online via Zoom as well as in person at the Durham County South Regional Public Library. Over 30 people (both current and new) were in attendance and excited to learn about RCV, BBNC's recent successes, and our upcoming initiatives. Attend one of our upcoming events and meet some of the team!  


8/19/2022 - Alaska uses RCV in primary election


Voters in Alaska got to live our dream this week as they used Ranked Choice Voting in their 2022 special election.  As expected, the election was a massive success as it resulted in a winner who earned true majority support (>50%). Congrats to Alaska for helping champion the cause and add their state to the growing list of places around the country now using RCV.  


6/16/2022 - BBNC is now on YouTube!

Today, Better Ballot NC proudly debuted its own YouTube channel! Our premiere video features actual RCV supporters sharing why they help sustain our efforts with their recurring monthly donations. We're already planning our next video project, so be sure to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe so you don't miss out!


06/04/2022 - Charlotte Farmers Market (Charlotte)

Charlotte Farmer's Market

Nothing says summer like visiting the Farmers Market in Charlotte. And nothing is more fun than meeting so many smiling faces as we educate them on the benefits of Ranked Choice Voting. It's easy to add supporters when what we advocate for is better not just for voters, but also candidates, parties, and democracy as a whole. Learn more about how Ranked Choice Voting is a better way to vote!


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