RCV is better for our democracy!

To win with Ranked Choice Voting, candidates must appeal to a true majority, which may include 2nd and 3rd choice votes (or more) if instant runoff rounds become a factor.  By requiring candidates to appeal to a greater number of voters, RCV encourages less negative campaigning and more coalition-building.  Imagine a more peaceful future where candidates focus on solutions instead of attacking their opponents!


RCV is better for candidates and parties, too!

Ambitious and capable people often refrain from running for office for fear of being a "spoiler" candidate.  By requiring a true majority to win, RCV addresses the "spoiler effect," opens the door for more public servants, and provides voters more choice.  When utilized in primary elections, RCV also helps political parties determine which potential nominee has the broadest appeal and greatest chance of winning in the general election.

Discover RCV's many benefits in this 2-1/2 minute video:


To bring Ranked Choice Voting to North Carolina, we need to show our legislators that RCV has wide public support.  

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